Brunette to Blonde – An Expert Guide

A Guide to Achieving Your Dream Blonde Hair with Harrogate's Best Hairdressers

Making a drastic hair colour change can be a big decision, but with the right knowledge and preparation, it can also be a fun and exciting transformation. At Peter Gotthard Hairdressing in Harrogate, our team of expert colourists is here to guide you through the process of going from brunette to blonde, using high-quality Davines hair products to ensure your hair stays healthy and beautiful throughout the process.

Here are some important things to consider before making the switch...

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Your Blonde Hair Consultation

Before making any drastic hair colour changes, it's essential to schedule a consultation with your Peter Gotthard colourist. During your detailed consultation, you can discuss your desired shade of blonde, your hair's condition, and any concerns you may have. Your colourist can also recommend the best course of action to achieve your dream blonde hair, explain how long the process will take and provide a quote for your appointments.

Choosing The Perfect Blonde

When considering going blonde, it's important to take your skin tone into account. Some shades of blonde may complement your skin tone better than others. Your Peter Gotthard colour specialist can help you choose the best shade of blonde to enhance your natural beauty. We offer a wide range of blonde shades that can be customised to your skin tone and personal preferences.

The Blonde Hair Journey

Going from brunette to blonde is not a one-step process. It requires several appointments with a skilled colourist to ensure a smooth and healthy transition. The process typically involves stripping the hair of its natural pigment with bleach, then using toners to achieve the desired blonde shade. At Peter Gotthard Hairdressing, we use Davines A New Colour, a gentle and sustainable hair colouring system, to achieve the best results.

Protecting Your Hair From Damage

The process of going blonde can be damaging to your hair, especially if you have dark hair. We always recommend that you add Olaplex to your hair colouring service to protect and strengthen your hair during the lightening process. Olaplex can also be used as a standalone treatment to repair very dry and damaged hair prior to using bleach. 

Your Peter Gotthard stylist will assess your hair and may recommend deep conditioning treatments to nourish and hydrate your hair. 

Maintaining Your New Blonde Hair Colour

Maintaining blonde hair requires a lot of upkeep, particularly if you have naturally darker hair. You will need to use specific shampoos and conditioners designed for blonde hair, as well as regular toning treatments to keep the colour looking fresh and vibrant between colour appointments.

Davines Alchemic Silver Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for maintaining blonde hair, as they contain direct pigments that help neutralise unwanted yellow tones.

Start Your Blonde Hair Journey With Harrogate's Hair Colour Experts

At Peter Gotthard Hairdressing in Harrogate, our expert colourists use high-quality Davines products to guide you through the process and ensure you achieve the perfect shade of blonde. So why not take the leap and transform your look today? Schedule a consultation with us by calling 01423 504301 or book online.