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It's fair to say that when you colour your hair at home it can sometimes go wrong. Do not worry if you have experienced a hair colour disaster - simply book in for a complimentary colour consultation ASAP so we can help rectify the situation for you. We are the hair colour and balayage experts in Harrogate and are here to help you achieve your hair colour goals.

Please note:  If you have coloured your hair with a home colour kit, we will need to carry out this simple patch test 48 hours prior to your colour appointment. 

You can book a hair colour consultation by calling Peter Gotthard Hairdressing on 01423 504301.

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Hair Colour Changes

We really have seen it all when it comes to hair colour disasters and one of the most common problems we see is when a client tries to change their colour from brunette to blonde or from red to blonde or a bold fashion colour.

Hair colour transformations are best left to the professionals. It is likely we will pre-lighten your hair before applying the appropriate mix of shades to get to your desired colour.  We may also include an OLAPLEX repair treatment. Be patient - it can take time to achieve a hair colour transformation.

Hair Colour Correction in Harrogate at Peter Gotthard Hairdressing

Common Hair Colour Issues 

Common hair colour problems include hair colour that is brassy with unwanted yellow tones, green or orange-tinged hair, overlapping colour that results in ugly stripes across your hair, and over-processed hair that breaks and appears fluffy!

Fortunately, we are here to help! Our skilled colour correction specialists at Peter Gotthard Hairdressing in Harrogate will assess each part of your hair and apply the most appropriate colour techniques to create a beautiful, even, long-lasting hair colour!

Hair Colour Correction Experts at Peter Gotthard Hair Salon, Harrogate

Box Hair Dye Disasters

If you’ve dyed your hair at home using a box dye, or even tried a balayage, and your hair ends up looking a mess, please do not despair.  We've trained for years to understand the science of hair colour so can recommend the best course of action to return your hair to beautiful once more.

Book a hair colour correction consultation as soon as possible so we can explain the process and time it may take to achieve the hair colour you desire.  It really is worth investing in a professional hair colour service because the final results will look and feel amazing!

Hair Colour Correction at Peter Gotthard Hairdressing Salon in Harrogate

Over-Dyed Hair

The health of your hair is important to us so we will never do anything to compromise the integrity of your hair colour.  We use the best Davines hair colouring products which are designed to nurture your hair while also delivering superb colour vibrancy.

If your hair has become over-processed due to excess hair colouring, it will be dry, brittle and prone to breakage. We may recommend an in-salon OLAPLEX treatment to strengthen and improve the health of your hair. Book a consultation today by calling us on 01423 504301.