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Every member of our friendly and professional styling team has been trained at the Peter Gotthard Academy to ensure we deliver the very best when it comes to cutting and styling your hair.  Our clients say that we are the best men's hairdressers in Harrogate.

We are up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques and will always take the time to discuss your hair concerns, issues or desires with you.  If you would like a hair make-over, we highly recommend you book a complimentary consultation so we can get to know you and understand what you want to achieve with your hair.

You can book an appointment by calling Peter Gotthard Hair Salon in Harrogate on 01423 504301 or book online here.

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Modern Hairstyles For Gents

The latest men’s hair trends take classic gents’ hairstyles and give them a modern twist. A popular men’s haircut at the moment is the modern mullet which is a 70s-inspired men's hairstyle which involves the hair being cut short at the sides but left longer on the top to the back of the head.

A men’s hairstyle that is always in style is the ‘short back and sides’ – this traditional men’s haircut can be slicked back or tousled and texturized depending on how you would like to style it. If you’re unsure what styling products to use or how to style you hair, just ask any of our friendly stylists.

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Long Hair Ideas For Men

Long hair on men can look great when cut and styled properly. Many male celebrities have now chosen to sport longer locks and they rock it – so you can too! You can go for a long hairstyle that’s the same length all over, or opt for an undercut where part of the hair is shaved at the back or sides.

With longer hair you can style it in many ways such as the man bun, slicked back hairstyles and more! When you're growing your hair out, make sure to come into our Harrogate barbers for a trim at least every 6-8 weeks so your hair grows out evenly and healthily without any damaged, dead hair ends.

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Hair Colour For Men

Hair colour for men is becoming more and more popular as it’s a great way to have fun and showcase your personality. You can make a statement with a bright hair colour like red hair colour or blue hair colour, or have a more subtle and natural hair colour to enhance your own hair shade.

At Peter Gotthard Hair Salon, we’re the hair experts in Harrogate which means you’re in safe hands. Our expert colourists have the skills to blend away grey hairs or change your hair colour all together. Just let us know during a consultation what hair colour you would like to achieve.


Quiffs & Fades

The great thing about fades and quiffs is that they tend to suit most men. Through precision hair cutting and tapering, we can create a skin fade where we cut your hair at a zero-grade so it shows your skin then blend this up to your hair for an edgy, stylish men’s haircut.

Skin fades or longer fades can be paired with a quiff, which is where the hair on top of your head is left longer for you to style. You can have a slicked back quiff or use some mousse or gel to add volume for some extra height to your hair. There are so many options when it comes to men’s hair!

Hair Ideas For Men At Peter Gotthard Salon In Harrogate

Not sure which hairstyle to ask for?  Check out some of these cool hairstyles for gents!  We also offer complimentary hair consultations where we can give you some ideas of hairstyles that will suit you. Book your appointment online here or by calling 01423 504301.

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