Embrace Seasonal Hair Changes

Embrace Seasonal Hair Changes at Peter Gotthard Hairdressing Salon in Harrogate

As we bid farewell to the golden days of summer and welcome the crisp, and often wild, weather of autumn, it's time to lavish some much-deserved care on your precious locks. Here at Peter Gotthard Hairdressing Salon in Harrogate, we recognise the unique challenges that autumn brings to your hair. Let's delve into the essential aspects of autumn hair care, ensuring that your hair remains vibrant, healthy, and well-prepared for the changes this season brings.

Vibrant Hair Colour

If the summer days have faded your hair colour, now is the perfect time to explore a new vibrant look. This season provides a splendid canvas for the infusion of rich, warm hair colours. Yet, maintaining the vibrancy of your hair colour can be a challenge. That's where our expert colourists come in. At Peter Gotthard Hairdressing Salon, we're committed to helping you preserve your radiant hair throughout these autumnal transformations.

With our hair colour expertise, tailored Davines Treatments and a range of colour-preserving products, your hair will retain its freshness and vibrancy throughout the season.

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Shield Your Hair from Autumn's Changes

Autumn's unpredictable weather can take a toll on your hair, with wind, rain, and chilly temperatures stripping away its natural moisture. Indoor heating systems, designed to keep you cosy, can further sap your hair's hydration. The result? Dry, brittle locks.

Our seasoned stylists are well-equipped to combat these challenges. We offer indulgent treatments designed to replenish lost moisture and mend any damage inflicted by the elements or indoor heating. Our exclusive salon products will leave your hair luxuriously smooth, silky, and resilient against the autumn elements.

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Autumnal Hair Loss: Understanding the Seasonal Shedding

Autumn not only brings falling leaves but also an increase in hair shedding. This seasonal phenomenon is perfectly natural, a reflection of our bodies adapting to the changing environment. If, however, you find yourself concerned about excessive hair loss, our skilled professionals are at your service. They'll assess the situation and recommend suitable remedies, including strengthening treatments and expert advice, all geared towards ensuring your hair remains at its best.

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Conquer the Autumn Frizz

As the humidity of summer fades, the battle against frizz takes centre stage. The combination of cool, dry air and indoor heating can lead to unruly and unmanageable hair. Here at Peter Gotthard Hairdressing Salon, we present you with hair smoothing treatments that'll leave your hair sleek and utterly manageable. Our experts tailor these treatments to your unique hair type, ensuring a perfect balance of smoothness and natural movement.


Embrace Seasonal Change with Harrogate's Premier Hairdressers

This autumn, embrace the enchanting beauty of the season while ensuring your hair remains healthy and beautiful. Book your autumn hair appointment at Peter Gotthard Hairdressing Salon in Harrogate by calling us on 01425 504301 or book online.