Hair Colour FAQs

Hair Colour Experts At Peter Gotthard Hair Salon In Harrogate

When it comes to hair colour, we often get a lot of questions. That is why, at Peter Gotthard Hairdressers in Harrogate, we have created a quick hair colour guide to answer your most asked hair colour questions.

As the hair colour experts in Harrogate, people often come to us for advice. Whether you’ve been having your hair dyed for years or you are new to hair colour, book in for a hair colour consultation with us before your hair colouring appointment.

During your consultation, our highly trained colourists will assess your hair, discuss what hair colour you would like and explain the hair colouring process to you. We do this to provide you with the best hair colour results every time.

Important: If you have not had your hair coloured within the last 6 months, you must come in for a quick patch test to test for any allergies.

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Balayage V Ombré

Balayage and ombré are on-trend hair colouring techniques which clients often get confused. Although these techniques create the same colour gradient from dark at the roots to lighter at the tips of the hair, the overall effects they achieve are very different.

Ombré creates a uniform gradient effect so that your hair will go from dark roots to light tips throughout the hair. Whereas balayage involves our skilled colourists hand-painting highlights where the sun would naturally lighten your hair for a bespoke, sun-kissed look.

Both balayage and ombré can be created using a variety of hair colours. The most popular hair colour trends for these techniques are blonde balayage and blonde ombré. However, we also create beautiful balayage and ombré using fashion colours such as copper balayage or silver ombré.

Will Red Hair Suit Me?

There are so many different shades of red that we’re sure to find a red hair colour that makes you look radiant. Look ravishing with a bright cherry red hair colour, or a cool copper hair shade, or even a dark ruby red tone – there are so many red hair colours to choose from!

At Peter Gotthard Hair Salon, our expert colourists are fully trained in the latest hair colouring trends and techniques so that they have the skills to recommend and create the perfect hair colours to suit you. From vibrant hair colours to soft pastel hair colours, we can create it all at our Harrogate hairdressing salon.

We’ll take into account your eye colour, skin tone, personality and lifestyle during a consultation to find the right hair colour that’s tailored to you. It’s important you tell us what you want as well! If you already have a hair colour in mind, it can help to bring in a picture to show your colourist so that we know exactly what you want.

What Is The Money Piece?

The Money Piece involves lightening the hair framing your face (which is why it can also be referred to as face framing highlights). Typically, the Money Piece is blonde, but you can also have fun fashion hair colours like pink face framing highlights! You can have the Money Piece as chunky highlights, or baby highlights which are fine highlights that mimic how a child’s hair becomes lightened in the sun.

Face framing highlights are particularly flattering as they draw attention to your face and give you that subtle sun-kissed glow. Make sure to book your hair colour appointment with the experts at Peter Gotthard Hairdressing Salon in Harrogate.

To book your hair colour appointment with us, simply call us on 01423 504301 or book online.