Top Tips For Healthy Summer Hair!

Prepare Your Hair for Summer at Peter Gotthard Hairdressing in Harrogate

Embrace the beauty of summer while being mindful of its potential effects on your hair. The sun's rays, sea salt, and chlorine from pools can leave your hair dry and susceptible to damage. That's why it's crucial to equip yourself with the finest products for maintaining healthy hair this summer, available at Peter Gotthard Hairdressing in Harrogate.

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Safeguard Your Hair's Health with the Right Cleansing Products

During the summer months, we often find ourselves washing our hair more frequently due to sweat, suntan oils, and styling products. However, this can lead to greasy and weighed-down hair. Sadly, many shampoos contain harsh detergents that can strip away moisture, resulting in split ends and breakage.

Instead, opt for a sulphate-free hair care range that effectively cleanses your hair without depriving it of moisture or causing brittleness. Incorporating a clarifying shampoo or scalp scrub into your routine can also help eliminate product build-up, leaving your hair and scalp refreshed.

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Tame Frizz and Maintain Silky Smooth Hair

If you're battling frizz caused by summer humidity, worry not. Peter Gotthard Hairdressing has an array of solutions for this common seasonal hair woe. Our salon offers a selection of professional products designed to nourish, soothe, and smooth stressed strands, effectively banishing frizz.

Additionally, we provide a keratin hair smoothing treatment, allowing you to enjoy smooth, frizz-free hair for up to four months.

Keratin Smoothing Treatments in Harrogate

Preserve Your Vibrant Hair Colour

The sun's rays can cause your hair colour to fade, so it's vital to take preventive measures. At Peter Gotthard Hairdressing, we recommend using the Davines Heart of Glass range to maintain the vibrancy of your beautiful colour. Pamper your hair with the Davines Heart of Glass mask, a weekly deep conditioning treatment that nourishes dehydrated, colour-treated hair.

To further safeguard against colour fade and overheating, shield your hair from the sun by covering it or using an SPF hair product. This helps preserve both the colour and condition of your locks. Another effective tip for vibrant summer colour is rinsing with cool water, as it helps seal the hair cuticles and minimise colour fading.

Davines Heart of Glass Range

Defend Your Hair Against Chlorine Damage

Chlorine in swimming pools can leave your hair extremely dry and wreak havoc on its colour and condition. To prevent colour fade and hair breakage caused by chlorine, we recommend wearing a swimming cap or investing in a chlorine-removing shampoo. Additionally, wetting your hair before entering the pool coats it with clean water, reducing the absorption of chlorinated water.

Once your routine returns to normal, consider booking a professional conditioning treatment at our Harrogate salon to restore moisture to your hair.

Chlorine Protection For Hair

Shield Your Hair from Heat and UV Rays

To ensure your hair remains healthy and beautiful throughout the summer, it's essential to use a reliable heat protection spray and hair products that provide UV protection.

For sun protection, we recommend using Davines SU Hair Milk. This lightweight leave-in conditioner shields your hair from harmful UV rays, hydrating it and leaving it soft and manageable.

After sun exposure, rejuvenate your hair with Davines SU Aftersun. This nourishing formula soothes and replenishes your hair, counteracting the drying effects of the sun and leaving it refreshed. Whenever possible, cover your hair or tie it back when exposed to the sun. Additionally, avoid excessive use of heated styling appliances like straighteners and hairdryers.

DAVINES SU SPF Protection at Top Harrogate Hair Salon

Revitalise Your Hair at Peter Gotthard Hairdressing in Harrogate

If you're struggling with unruly and hard-to-style hair this summer, it's time for a transformation with the assistance of our expert team at Peter Gotthard Hairdressing in Harrogate. Schedule your appointment today by calling us on 01423 504301 or book online.