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Sustainability at Peter Gotthard Hairdressing in Harrogate

With Spring giving us blooming flowers and sunnier days, it seems like the perfect time to talk about sustainability at our hairdressers in Harrogate. Part of our philosophy at Peter Gotthard Hairdressing is to care for our beautiful planet through sustainable practice.

Beauty isn’t just about helping people to look and feel good, we want to preserve and improve the beauty of the environment and planet, not only for ourselves but for future generations.

This is why we choose to use Davines hair products, as they are a sustainable beauty brand that also offers vegan hair treatments.

Our Sustainability Mission

Our salon is an expression of creativity and beauty. It is a place where we care for one another, our business and community. 

We have a passion and commitment to working with sustainable hair care brands, with eco friendly ideas and procedures, with respect for the environment. Sustainability is at the heart of our practices within the salon and at home. 

Why We Chose to Partner With Davines

Just like at Peter Gotthard Hairdressing, Davines cares about people, community, and the planet. Davines champions vital causes like diversity and gender equality, constantly seeks to reduce its environmental footprint, and supports local initiatives that benefit various communities.

By incorporating Davines hair products in our Harrogate hair salon, we contribute to the positive impact Davines makes and will continue to make. Moreover, Davines products are designed to minimise waste and maximise resource efficiency, aiding us in our journey to become a more sustainable salon.

Davines vegan hair styling products Harrogate salon

Vegan Hair Treatments From Davines

The Davines Circle Chronicles hair treatment collection is not only entirely vegan but also produced using renewable energy and predominantly natural ingredients. Davines is committed to sustainable packaging, and any CO₂ emissions generated during production are compensated for by reforestation initiatives.

The range includes seven exceptional hair masks, catering to various hair issues. If you're dealing with a particular concern, your Peter Gotthard stylist can assist in selecting the ideal Davines Hair Treatment for you. For those with multiple hair issues, we can tailor a Davines treatment to meet all your hair's requirements.

For further information on the diverse Davines Hair Treatments available at our Harrogate salon, please click here.

Davines Natural Tech Products

Davines Hair Care Products

Our salon is well-equipped with an extensive selection of Davines hair care products for your home use. These exceptional products will leave your hair feeling wonderful, looking vibrant and glossy, while also enabling you to be eco-friendly as they help reduce waste.

The most popular Davines products among our clients are the OI Shampoo & OI Conditioner, which will make your hair incredibly soft, exceptionally shiny, and full-bodied. With Davines, there's something for every hair type and styling requirement, ask your Peter Gotthard specialist to help you find your ideal match.

Healthy Happy Scalp Tips

Olaplex: Vegan-Friendly for Beautiful Hair!

In addition to our Davines hair colours and care products, we're excited to offer Olaplex at our Harrogate hair salon. Olaplex is a groundbreaking hair repair system that turns dry, brittle, and chemically damaged hair into luxurious, mermaid-like tresses. It's vegan-friendly and completely cruelty-free, ensuring no harm to animals for the sake of gorgeous hair.

Starting at just £25, Olaplex can be incorporated into the colouring process or used as a separate treatment during your salon visit. The product line has expanded to include shampoos, conditioners, weekly masks, and even a purple shampoo for blondes.

Olaplex Vegan Friendly

We Use Scrummi Bio-Degradable Towels!

Scrummi hairdressing towels are disposable and biodegrade within 8-12 weeks. These towels are crafted from 100% soft, natural, and compostable wood fibers sourced from certified sustainable origins.

Moreover, Scrummi towels are up to 15 times more absorbent than traditional cotton towels, which means you only need one towel from start to finish – making them an environmentally and economically smart choice.

Scrummi has recently been awarded Certified B Corp status, signifying their commitment to the highest environmental and ethical standards. We are honoured to partner with them at our Harrogate salon. In fact, the Peter Gotthard Salon in Harrogate has earned the title of Sustainable Legend from Scrummi towels!

A "Sustainable Legend" is a business or individual who strives to better the way they work by:

Being conscious of the environment
Showing a commitment to reducing water and saving energy
Acting as a force for positive change in the hair and beauty industry

Scrummi Towels at Peter Gotthard Salon in Harrogate

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