Show Your Hair Some Love!

Take Care Of Your Hair With Tips and Advice From Peter Gotthard Hair Salon in Harrogate

At this time of year it’s traditional to focus on love! At our Harrogate hairdressing salon we’re not here to offer you advice on your relationships, but we can give you excellent advice on how best to care for your hair.

Your hair is the most important accessory you have because it’s the one you wear every day! It makes sense to invest in your locks, not just for a Valentine’s Day, but throughout the year. You will reap the benefits not just in the way your hair looks, but also in the way having beautiful hair makes you feel. Who doesn’t want to feel more confident, beautiful, & relaxed?!

Show your hair and yourself the love you both deserve! Here are our top tips for caring for your hair.

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1  Book a Hair Treatment

Davines Hair Care Harrogate HairdresserThe right treatment can truly transform your hair. It can breathe new life into dry, dull and dehydrated hair, repairing damage and protecting from future wear and tear.  

Visit our Harrogate hair salon for a hair restoring Olaplex salon treatment. Olaplex is internationally renowned for its ability to transform even the most damaged hair.  We always recommend that our clients add Olaplex to all hair colour services, as Olaplex strengthens and protects the hair during the colouring process. Olaplex can be used as a standalone treatment for damaged hair, with visible results in just one treatment!

We’re also proud to offer the Davines range of vegan hair treatments. Whatever your hair concerns, there is a specific treatment available to improve the look and feel of your locks. Speak to your stylist who can advise you on the best treatment for your needs.

2  Use A Heat Protection Product

Davines Blow Dry PrimerWe all love the look of freshly styled hair, but using heated styling tools is one of the leading causes of hair damage. Heat can leave unprotected hair broken, parched and frizzy so do your locks a favour and invest in a quality heat protection spray.

We recommend This is a Blowdry Primer from Davines, available in salon or via our online shop.  Simply spray it onto your damp hair directly before you blow-dry, straighten or curl your hair with heated tools. This is a Blowdry Primer is a super lightweight formula, so if you have curly hair it won’t drag down your curls or make them feel limp. 

3  Book Regular Hair Appointments

Davines Hair Salon HarrogateSplit ends and broken strands of hair can’t be repaired, and if left untreated, they will just continue to split up the hair shaft.  The longer you leave your hair with split ends, the more damaged it can become, so the only solution is to book regular trims to cut away the split ends. This applies even if you are trying to grow your hair, in fact it will help your hair to grow longer as it will be more healthy.

When it comes to maintaining your hair colour, we recommend booking a freshen up appointment every 4 – 8 weeks, although this will depend on the condition of your hair and how quickly it grows. The longer you leave between colour appointments, the more work will be required to restore your desired look!   

4  Use Salon Quality Hair Products With No Nasty Ingredients

Davines vegan hair styling products Harrogate salonSupermarket haircare brands may look like a bargain but they can often be full of unwanted ingredients which, in the long term, will do your hair more harm than good.  Products which contain a lot of silicones to make your hair look superficially shiny can be very problematic for the health of your hair. They result in a waxy build up on the hair and can lead to dandruff, hair breakage and other concerns.

We recommend instead using Davines vegan hair care products.  They provide beautiful, outstanding results whilst still being produced both ethically and sustainably.  Davines products are vegan and environmentally friendly - many of the products are produced in ways that make them completely carbon neutral.

All the products look and smell gorgeous, so whatever your hair type and concerns, speak to your Peter Gotthard stylist who will recommend the right one for you.

5  Be Gentle With Your Hair 

Gentle Hair Care Peter Gotthard Hairdressing in HarrogateWashing your hair every day can strip it of its natural oils, leading to dryness, frizz and breakage. If your hair is lank and greasy, it could be because you are washing it too much, your hair is trying to counteract the dryness caused by overwashing. Make dry shampoo your new best friend! Over washing can also strip or fade your hair colour too, meaning more trips to the salon. 

We recommend washing your hair every 2-5 days, use dry shampoo or clever hairstyling tricks such as braided looks or perfect a mum bun.  When you do wash your hair, be gentle! Don’t scrub it or tug at it when detangling, which can cause breakage and frizz.

6  Book An Appointment At Peter Gotthard Hair Salon in Harrogate

For personalised hair care advice from our expert hairdressers, call us on 01423 504301 or book online.