The Hottest Hairstyle Trends

Get Inspiration For Your Next Look With The Top Hairstyle Trends For Spring/Summer

At Peter Gotthard Hairdressing in Harrogate, our stylists love to keep up to date with the latest looks and hairstyling techniques. Looking for inspiration for your next hairstyle, considering a bold change, or just wanting to update your current look? Explore the trending hairstyles below and then book an appointment at our salon to let our team work their magic!

Bespoke Bobs

Bobs are a timeless hairstyle, constantly evolving with new variations. The current trend in bobs is about personalisation, tailored to complement your individual features and make you feel fantastic.

To craft a custom bob, book a consultation with a Peter Gotthard hair expert. They will assess the condition and texture of your hair and consider your lifestyle and maintenance preferences. The charm of this haircut lies in its versatility—it's designed to be styled in a way that's unique to you.

Get The Mob Wife Look

The "Mob Wife" aesthetic is a huge sensation on TikTok and Instagram, influencing high-end fashion and hair trends. The '90s-inspired voluminous layers are gaining popularity for their ability to add natural volume, offering that coveted glossy "mob wife" look with little styling effort. 

Your Peter Gotthard stylist can customise these layers to complement your facial features, hair length, and texture, helping you adopt this trend and flaunt your voluminous, bouncy hair.

Rebel Pixie Cuts

The fashion world is witnessing a surge in dramatic short hairstyles, popularised by celebrities like Florence Pugh. These chic, edgy cuts make a strong statement and can be tailored to show off your bone structure beautifully.

Choosing to go for a bold, short haircut is a quick and easy way to transform your appearance. If you're considering a significant change to your look, it might just be the perfect time to embrace this trend.

The Birkin Bangs

Prepare for a '70s fashion revival with a hairstyle inspired by the legendary Jane Birkin—the muse behind the name of the coveted Hermes bags. This style showcases full, chic French bangs that complement collarbone-length hair or even longer tresses. Subtle layers add to the effortless vibe of the free-spirited era and require minimal styling.

Book a consultation with your Peter Gotthard stylist to see how we can customise the Birkin bangs to enhance your features, hair texture, and styling preferences.

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